Out now - the Neuer Wall magazine

The Neuer Wall is much more than just one of many shopping streets in Hamburg. There are the most enticing objects of desire. There, unique memories are created, new friendships are made and the sweet life between the latest fashion trends is celebrated. Due to the current situation, this is unfortunately hardly possible at the moment. In order to send a little joy to your home, we have developed our own magazine together with our French neighbors, the Stadthöfe!

The NW MGZN is much more than just a normal lifestyle magazine from the kiosk around the corner. It is sustainable, interactive, up to date, constantly different and therefore interesting. And also available free of charge directly on your mobile phone or laptop. It was created directly on the Neuer Wall.

With the active help of our many stores in the street, a colorful range of articles, videos, interviews and stories could be developed. But what are we talking about: see for yourself!

The NW MGZN is along here.