Merry shopping at the pedestrian-friendly Neuer Wall

The Neuer Wall became on December 14th for the third time this year a car-free zone. Between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., the middle section of the shopping street was transformed into a pedestrian-friendly walkway. During the Christmas hustle and bustle, the Neuer Wall invited to a relaxed stroll without crowds. Visitors had the opportunity to stroll between golden gift-sculptures, box trees decorated for Christmas and the traditional Christmas lights. In addition to the classic pages, the event was supplemented by the popular gospel choir, which inspired enthusiastic crowds to sing along and spread a lot of joy.

On the last weekend of Advent there will be a four-meter tall Santa Claus as a so-called “walking act” on the Neuer Wall. The special guest will not only distribute chocolates, but will charm customers and passers-by with his magic charisma.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy holiday.