My Poké in the Mellin passage

Where do you spend your lunch breaks?
For a long time you had to leave our beautiful street to satisfy your hunger.
But not anymore!

Recently you can find delicious, creative dishes at My Poké in the Mellin Passage.
What is a Poké Bowl? Poké (pronounced Poh-Keh) bowls are based on fresh fish (or tofu for vegetarians), which is refined in one of four homemade marinades and served on the basis of sushi rice (or organic quinoa) and various side dishes (vegetables and fruits). Then one of five homemade delicacy sauces and two crispy toppings are on top.

Or are you creative?

Most guests put their bowls together in 6 steps.
If you prefer to have a finished Poké Bowl creation, you can of course use one of the finished dishes from the menu.

We wish you good appetite and My Poké a successful start!

Click here for the menu.