Our Annual Report 2019 is online!

You can read about the exciting events that took place at Neuer Wall, a new international partnership that was formed, the effort and dedication of the service employees and the overview of the passers-by frequency at Neuer Wall! 


History was made in 2019: For the first time four BIDs in the inner city of Hamburg joined forces to realise the cooperative event "Hamburgs Sommergärten". This event did not only bring nature back in to the city but increased the pleasure of lunch-breaks, walks and shopping trips. 


The BID Neuer Wall had even more fantastic events to accomplish the open-for-business Sundays. For example taught the experienced dance instructor Wladimir Elesin beginner lessons at Neuer Wall - this resulted not only in strangers coming together for some dancing but a lot of happy faces all around. An other event was the exhibiton of old Neuer Wall photos to show the history and development of our beautiful street. 


And for the people who could not get enough of the Neuer Wall there were a lot of raffles and shopping tips on the instagram account of the Neuer Wall (@neuerwall). 


We look back on an exciting year and wish you an entertaining read!

Click here for the Annual Report 2019.