Social Media @ Neuer Wall

During the current Corona pandemic it is important to stick together in order to make the best out of the difficult situation.

We, the BID team Neuer Wall, try to see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to work even closer together and support and helpt eachother where we can. 
We especially would like to use our social media channels to promote your online-shops and customer services now. 

In case you are preparing new online-shops and other online-services in the next weeks and months, we would ask you to inform us about such actions. We will promote your online activities to our nearly 2,300 followers to make sure the people can stay in touch with the Neuer Wall even now. And shop online..


If you are interested in being promoted please contact our districtmanager Ms. Schultz or our social media manager Ms. Johannsen.


Frau Schultz:

T: +49 176 129 800-23



Frau Johannsen: 

T:  +49 176 434 133 38