Summer at the Stadthöfe-Ensemble

Do you already know our new Hanseatic and French neighbors in the Stadthöfe-Ensemble? The townhouses are a collection of many differently designed courtyards and buildings that are used diversely: living, working, feasting, sleeping, celebrating, relaxing, discovering and strolling. Everything is provided with a French touch because the Ensemble was built during the French occupation.

In the individual yards Stadthof, Bleichenhof, Treppenhof and Palaishof, there are also green oases to discover as part of the event "Hamburgs Sommergärten - Shop, Relax, Discover". Five differently planted bicycles invite you for a relaxing break. The smell of lavender plants and roses attracts even small visitors, such as bees, in the special courtyards.

Immerse yourself in the world of the design hotel TORTUE: the brasserie opened in 2018 and the JIN GUI restaurant promise an unforgettable experience. The Italian interior design by Poliform also offers furniture with a special charm for your own home. Not far away is the Lesesaal, where you can relax while sipping a cup of coffee among all sorts of books.