Review of BID 1.0 2005-2010

As recently as a few years ago, the image of Neuer Wall was characterised by narrow sidewalks in poor condition and by haphazardly parked vehicles, which blocked the view of facades and store display windows. The turning point came in 2005 – Neuer Wall became the first business improvement district in a German city centre. With the BID, the street was able to be redesigned and then maintained and managed – Neuer Wall became much more attractive as a result of the BID work.

Through the use of light-coloured granite and newly created crosswalks, the street felt larger. New street furniture, like benches, bicycle racks, trash containers, and 160 terra cotta-coloured planters, conveyed clear structures and order. Construction work was completed in May 2006, and Neuer Wall was ceremoniously opened. Construction work was followed by service and marketing activities, such as daily cleaning work and periodic thorough cleanings.

The following work projects were performed: 

    • Christmas lighting for Neuer Wall
    • Concept creation
    • Marketing, events and communication
    • Introduction of professional district management
    • Organisation of parking areas
    • Security management
    • Mechanical cleaning of the public space
    • Green care and maintenance, including plantings
    • Holding of a redesign competition
    • Street resurfacing in light-coloured granite
    • Replacement of street furniture and planters
    • Lighting concept