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Finally! The new issue of our very own e-magazine NW MGZN is online and we are happy to tell you that it now can be read in English! The fifteen pages are filled with news and stories from our beautiful shopping street and our French neighbor: die Stadthöfe.

One of our many topics this time is fashion. And what better place to wear and present fashion than right here in our beautiful district. Not only to showcase outfit ideas but to inspire you for photo shootings at Neuer Wall we joined forces with professional influencers in this issue.

For several weeks now, Hamburg's city center has been blooming in the most beautiful colors that nature has to offer. You can now stroll between fragrant flowers, shady trees and artistic exhibitions in public spaces. Last Saturday, the middle of the Neuer Wall was closed to private traffic from midday. The pedestrians were happy about more space for shopping. Helpful bellboys also asked for help with shopping, such as when a bag should be carried. Colorful folding chairs offered a welcome break between the shops.

Road closures 

We are happy to announce that Hamburgs Sommergärten are returning on the 13th of July! The second installment of this event will bring back a lot of green to the inner city.

Where do you spend your lunch breaks?
For a long time you had to leave our beautiful street to satisfy your hunger.
But not anymore!

The Neuer Wall is much more than just one of many shopping streets in Hamburg. There are the most enticing objects of desire. There, unique memories are created, new friendships are made and the sweet life between the latest fashion trends is celebrated. Due to the current situation, this is unfortunately hardly possible at the moment. In order to send a little joy to your home, we have developed our own magazine together with our French neighbors, the Stadthöfe!