As a result of BID work projects, Neuer Wall was able to establish a specific brand profile: Customer orientation, value, design, and the Hanseatic lifestyle are qualities that are strongly associated with Neuer Wall.

Neuer Wall’s key unique selling proposition has to do with long-term management and service. The objective of the second BID term from October 2010 to October 2015 was to preserve this unique selling proposition and at the same time further entrench Neuer Wall’s brand profile.

The following work projects were performed: 

Optimisation of service and security activities

  • Expansion of contacts and exchange of information by district management
  • Daily mechanical cleaning of sidewalks
  • Additional cleaning personnel, as well as winter service
  • Intensive care of plantings
  • Quality of parking areas/security/customer information
  • Repair of small damages to street furniture and in the public space
  • Support for architectural activities

Marketing and communication

  • Collaboration with the interest group IG Neuer Wall
  • Staging of events
  • Creation of an app, and redesign of the website
  • Careful redesign of the traditional Christmas lighting