Our service at Neuer Wall

Through our on-site service, we strive each day to satisfy the demands of the Neuer Wall stakeholders. Retailers, restaurateurs, and office tenants have different expectations than those of visitors, customers, and delivery firms. With the aid of our three service areas (district management, service/cleaning, and marketing), we always attempt to satisfy all demands in order to preserve the location’s high quality. Diverse activities in the area of service are specifically designed to take into account this high quality and to ensure that it remains so. Let yourself be persuaded by our work.


The district management maintains constant contact with tenants and property owners and is responsible for site-specific issues and services in Neuer Wall. It acts as an information interface between the BID and the tenants.

Furthermore, the district management maintains regular contact with the police, associations and societies active in the inner city and regularly participates in meetings to optimise services. The district management actively participates in the development of innovative approaches to optimise inner-city traffic in cooperation with the City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Mitte district office, the associations and societies active in the inner city and the neighbouring districts. 

The performance of the public enterprises, in particular the Hamburg city cleaning service, is monitored by the district management. If necessary, contact is sought with the responsible departments. Furthermore, the district management is involved in the interests of the entire location in matters such as construction site installations, waste disposal, removals and events.

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Day after day and in all weathers, our service staff are on duty for you at Neuer Wall - they are on site for more than 6,000 hours per year to ensure cleanliness and order, to provide information and to carry out checks and services in the parking area. 

More than 2,500 hours a year are spent cleaning the Neuer Wall public space - more than 30 m³ of coarse rubbish is collected annually, approx. 12,000 cigarette butts are removed and the 160 plant tubs are cleaned. 

Service am Neuen Wall


Minor repairs, maintenance and support at events are also the responsibility of the service staff.

In order to keep the quality of stay in the neighbourhood attractive at all times, a large number of service measures are also carried out in the parking area. The service staff take care of the focal points "illegal parking and keeping the loading zones free" with a lot of tact and tireless perseverance. This has led to a significant increase in the acceptance and success of this service.

Another focal point is the coordination of security services - discussions with various companies operating in the street have resulted in cooperative partnerships. The service staff of the BID and the security specialists have been networked with each other by radio since autumn 2015. 

The aim is to continue to create an attractive, clean and safe environment in the future. For this purpose, two employees are usually to be found on Neuer Wall; "Segways" allow them a large radius of operation.


Marketing handles all tasks involving the positioning of Neuer Wall as a brand in the Hamburg city centre. This includes organising and holding various events and performing public information and communication work. 

Tenants on Neuer Wall are mostly highly professional companies that themselves develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies. The resulting use of marketing tools benefits not just the relevant companies but also the Neuer Wall location as a whole.  The supplemental marketing activities carried out by the BID are directed at customers, visitors, and tenants located in the district. In addition to a common website and events in the public space, this also includes traditional Christmas lighting, which was redesigned in 2015 and is also being energetically updated in the third BID term.

Marketing Maßnahmen am Neuen Wall

See you soon at Neuer Wall!